March 9, 2022

February Oil Sale Ends February 28th

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February Oil Sale Ends February 28th

SAVE BIG on John Deere oil, filters, grease, coolant AND Fuel-protect until February 28th!

John Deere Oil Filters - Performance built in!

Unplanned downtime because of a filter problem? That is never OK.

Our products are too big an investment to allow that kind of thing to happen. Use John Deere Filters to keep the dirt out. We offer top-of-the-line filters to help deliver superior performance season after season. A part of the whole. The important parts John Deere Oil Filters. Fuel Filters. Air Filters. Hydraulic Fluid Filters. Take a good look at our filter options. We’ve got you covered. You’ll find that simply choosing John Deere Filters can up your productivity, reduce maintenance costs and extend the life of your equipment. Dirty oil causes unwanted wear, shorter engine life and can lead to unplanned downtime. The kind that stops productivity in its tracks. Don’t let dirty oil compromise your engine performance. Be sure to use John Deere Oil Filters. The close mesh is engineered to catch small particles, including dirt and other contaminants before they can pollute your engine. In fact, these filters are designed and tested to capture more dust than lesser quality filters. Right down to the smallest particle.

learn more about the advantages of using John Deere Filters HERE!

One engine oil on the farm. In the field. On the highway.

You're in the right place to learn about John Deere Plus-50™ II Engine Oil – including our brand new line of SAE 5W-40. Check out how Plus-50™II oil is specially formulated to keep engines running smoothly and efficiently. In tractors. In trucks. In utility vehicles. In pickups. In the field and on the highway. It's the one engine oil to use on your farm.

Learn more about the advantages of using John Deere oil on your farm HERE!

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