SS30 High-Torque Stump Shredder

Stump Shredders

Remove stumps from 203 to 711 mm (8 to 28 in.) in diameter in a single pass and easily remove larger stumps with multiple bores with your skid steer or compact track loader. Low-speed, high-torque auger planetary drive shreds material more safely and without the dangerous flying debris of conventional stump grinders. Site cleanup is easy thanks to the small, contained chip pile.

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SS30 High-Torque Stump Shredder
High-Torque Stump Shredder


Specs & Compare

Key Specs
Cutting Width
1520 mm (60 in.)
Overall Width
1880 mm (74 in.)
590 kg (1,300 lb.)
Hydraulic Flow - Minimum
76 L/min. (20 gpm)
Hydraulic Flow - Maximum
170 L/min. (45 gpm)
Vehicle Compatibility
320G, 324G, 330G, and 332G SSLs; 325G, 331G, and 333G CTLs

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