Precision Ag Essentials Program

One tech package. One upfront price. Infinite advantages.
Pass by pass. Row by row. Seed by seed. Precision ag is helping farmers get more out of less, from precise seed placement to valuable input savings. If you’re looking to get more precise, we’re making it easier than ever, with special pricing on bundled precision ag essentials. Core equipment that gives you the option to choose the precision tools you need, when you need them. And through future updates, they even get better over time.

1. Get your essential hardware

A one-time $2,000 purchase gets you the core equipment you need to get precise on your farm. Included are:

G5Plus Display

Do more with a bigger, faster, and clearer display.

Starfire™ 7000 Receiver

Go tower free with 73% faster pull-in times.

JDLink™M or R Modem

Connect your machines and wirelessly transfer your field data.

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2. Choose your renewable software license

Essentials License:
Hardware + $2,000 per machine per year

Includes a 1-year license for:
Section Control

Advanced License with SF-RTK:
Hardware + $4,250 per machine per year

Includes a 1-year Essentials License plus a G5 Advanced Package license that includes:
AutoTrac™ Implement Guidance
AutoTrac™ Turn Automation
AutoPath™In-Field Data Sharing
Machine Sync

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