October 17, 2022

Fully Autonomous Tractor

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Fully Autonomous Tractor

No operator? No problem. A tractor that can knock out time-consuming tillage work all by itself.

How it Works

The system uses components and applications you're probably already familiar with — like a StarFire™ receiver, AutoTrac™ Turn Automation, and John Deere Operations Center™. But we added a few innovations to make it fully autonomous:

360-Degree Cameras

Advanced cameras provide 360 degree vision to see objects in the field and triangulate distance.

High-Speed Processor

As images stream from the cameras, a high-speed processor evaluates every pixel of every image.

Neural Network

Artificial intelligence sorts the images and determines if the area is safe to drive over or not... all in about 100 milliseconds.

Hand on… or hands free.

The autonomous ready tractor has a fully equipped cab with operator controls. When you want to drive it… drive it! But when you’re short-handed, have a tight weather window, or just want to spend more time with the family, you have an out of cab option that tirelessly works for you, while you tend to other important things.

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