April 14, 2023

NEW G5 Displays

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NEW G5 Displays

The G5 display replaces the 4240 Universal display and uses a larger 10.1 in. (25.65 cm), 1080p HD, capacitive touchscreen and can grow into a fully capable, movable precision ag display. Tied with a StarFire™ Position receiver, the G5 Universal display provides the power needed to perform all of John Deere’s precision ag features. The G5 display includes the following:

  • View your information with configurable run screens
  • Quickly access information with shortcuts
  • Straighten your rows with an optional AutoTrac License
  • Reduce overlap with optional Section Control License
  • Document data and send it to Operations Center for analysis with Data Sync
  • Help operators out from afar with Remote Display Access
  • Optional AutoTrac RowSense License when guidance accuracy is critical
  • Optional Advanced Licenses to make your day easier
  • 1 Analog Digital Input to improve you view of machines, implements and fields
  • 2 Digital Video Inputs (Ethernet) for future use
  • RS232 Serial Ports to document and use prescriptions on third-party controllers
  • ISO VT and ISO Doc Compatibility to view and document third-party controllers
  • Expanded John Deere tractor compatibility more (CCD)
  • Extended Monitor Capability puts more information available in one glance and more controls at your fingertips

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